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This is a beta version of a spreadsheet based online app that calculates Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) par scores and targets for rain-interrupted limited-overs cricket matches. It uses the 'Standard Edition' method for calculation that is based on publicly published tables and formulas by the ICC.  International matches use the 'Professional Edition'. the details of which have not been publicly published by ICC and uses the 'Stern' method for calculation. Per ICC laws, the Standard Edition should be used for all matches where the Professional edition is not available. Please report any bugs to

The app assumes you are entering valid match data. If you enter invalid data, obviously you are not going to get the results you desire. Enter data only in the cells that are highlighted in Yellow. Here's an explanation of each field:

Team 2 Target:

This is the calculated run target for the Team batting second.

Team 2 Par Score:

This is the calculated score for Team batting second that they need to be at a particular point in the match to Tie the match.

Overs at Start:

Enter the total number of overs that the match was to be played for at the start of the match. The max allowed value is 50.

G50 Average:

This number should be 200 for non-international matches. For international games it should be set to 250.

Final Team 1 Score:

Enter the final score of the Team batting first after their innings is complete.

Overs.Balls bowled before delay:

Enter the total number of overs bowled in the innings at the point an interruption occurred. Example.. enter 10.2 if ten overs and two balls have been bowled.

Wickets Lost before delay:

Enter the total number of wickets lost by the Team batting at the point where an interruption occurred. Example.. enter 2 for 2 Wickets lost.

Overs Lost due to delay:

Enter the number of overs for the innings that were reduced due to the duration of an interruption. An hour delay typically results in 8 overs lost for an innings. This number should be always be a whole number unless an interruption caused an innings to end and it occurred when an over had been in progress and partially completed.

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